Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Mesmerizing LED Boy Chanel Handbags?

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Has anyone gotten one of the LED BOY CHANEL HANDBAGS? How fun is that?

As part of the Data Center Collection in 2017, Karl Lagerfeld took the gorgeous Boy Bag yet another step further and embedded an LED light panel into the flap to illuminate patterns, including the CC logo, which to me, gives the handbag such a charmingly magnetic appeal. Ingenious.

It's priceless in dimly lit places. It's quite amusing when it's turned on while sitting on a table or shelf. It makes me feel like I can easily have a conversation with it. May sound silly to some, but the LEDs bring me much joy.

I can turn it off when I wish to be incognito. But when the mood strikes, I can pick a display and voila.

Lights on or off, it is a beautiful handbag.

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