Thursday, February 18, 2021

Red And Gold For the Lunar New Year

CHANEL CC Classic Bag

By the time Chinese New Year's Eve arrives celebration plans are in place. Of course my plans for decor, food, snacks, entertainment are set. 

Personally, however, one of the most important plans this year is to have my classic CHANEL bag, in deepest red highlighted with a shiny gold CC, at the ready. Somehow, my most treasured item in my closet uplifts my mood and helps me to look forward to the new year. And that is a very good thing these days.

Whether I go anywhere or meet up with friends and family for the Lunar New Year, or not, my authentic CHANEL bag is always there for me to hold and be by my side. I could never swap it out for a replica bag. I could never be happy with a fake.

Enjoy the Chinese New Year.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Valentine’s Day And My CHANEL Pendant Necklace


Every Valentine’s Day I hope to wear my CHANEL heart pendant necklace to celebrate the holiday in my own way. What’s more, this year some heart-shaped dark chocolate is on the menu.

The necklace means a whole lot to me. I wear it to remember the precious person who gave it to me. I wear it to feel happy. I wear it hoping to spread the spirit of the day.

I know authentic CHANEL jewelry, as opposed to fakes and replicas, embodies superior CHANEL artistry and will retain the beauty of its original inception indefinitely.

However you decide to spent the day, hope it’s a good one.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Let’s Welcome In The New Year


It's the New Year, 2020. Resolutions aside, it's really a time for making projections for the year and consider aspirations towards accomplishing something great this year. At the very least, it's time to be positive about making a fresh start towards elevating our lives.

We can get started by setting up priorities that can guide us through the year to make good choices and take actions that support them. This can apply to anything you do.

As for replicas, what we choose to wear will say a lot about who we really are. What will wearing an authentic CHANEL brooch say to the world? Conversely, what will wearing replica Chanel jewelry say about us? Making it a priority to avoid fakes and stay with the original applauds and supports our favorite designers, while at the same time sends the message that we disapprove of replica outlets  and we adamantly refuse to support such criminal activities.

Hope you all have a great 2020.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Boxing Day CHANEL Booties

The CHANEL black high heel ankle boots are nothing short of glamorous. The black leather tied ankle cuffs is adorable.  Chic and pretty, is how I would feel every time I wear them this winter.

How tempting it would to grab a great deal on Boxing Day on a pair of CHANEL Booties for a price beyond imagination. It would be like a dream come true to get a steal of a bargain on them, even up to 70% off retail.

Well, unfortunately, it's likely that sellers found online offering such deep discounts are likely to be engaging in nefarious business practices, that is, to take your money with no intention of providing the products promised. An authentic pair of CHANEL shoes will not be sold in such a manner.

Be watchful and careful while shopping online on Boxing Day to get a true bargain.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

A CHANEL Look For Fall


Here’s one of my favorite looks for Fall. The most striking aspects of the outfit are its colors, mixing the brights with the subdued. Although iconic blacks and whites are obviously missing here, the shades of pink, red and orange mesh together beautifully in a CHANEL sort of way. What a palette it is. The textures materialize seemingly out of nowhere. Glimmering gold accents add quite a bit of elegance and luxury. And oh what lovely buttons.

Achieving such a look requires the avoidance of replica Chanel. Authentic CHANEL is found on the official website of CHANEL,

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

CHANEL Weekend Getaways


You can actually turn every weekend getaway or long trip to a distant land into a CHANEL adventure by doing just one little thing. That is to pack all of your travel items into CHANEL travel bags. You can choose between a CHANEL large shopping bag, lambskin backpack, or Gabrielle hobo bag as a carry-on. Additionally, you could opt for a CHANEL Trolley Bag, the ultimate showstopper of check-in luggage.

There you have it. Any days away from home immediately turns into a CHANEL experience. What loveliness and elegance, as long as it’s not a replica bag and is the legitimately authentic CHANEL creation.

Happy travels. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Can You Guess What I Got On Prime Day?

I seriously needed a new pair of comfy shoes to wear through the last days of summer. 

I looked online for deals during Prime Day hoping to maybe find a cheap discounted pair. 

With every deal I discovered, some were even fake Chanel shoes offered at low discount prices, I kept going back to the authentic. The superior quality of the CHANEL leather looked and felt luxurious to the highest degree. And that is what I wanted more than anything in my shoes.

CHANEL lured me in with the high block heel wedge in black lambskin which has a delicate ankle strap that really is the highlight of the CHANEL design. 

So on Prime Day I went to the CHANEL Boutique and got a pair of real CHANEL sandals. No replica shoes for me.