Tuesday, May 24, 2016

CHANEL And Purple

Authentic quilted purple CHANEL CC Chain Bag

Purple is not my favorite color, but there is something mesmerizing about it.

It has been said that purple has many meanings. It is associated with magic, mystery, imagination and creativity. It also symbolizes royalty, luxury, wealth, creativity, dignity and power. Throughout history purple has gained more significance as time went on.

In modern times purple and its many variant shades are commonly accessible everywhere. However, purple is rare in nature and it is plausible that our pre-historic ancestors rarely or never saw purple. With the invention of dyes, we now have many hues of purple. There are three basic colors of purple: purple, red-purple, and blue-purple. These basic colors can be blended with other colors to make a myriad of colors with hints of purple.

A CHANEL handbag in purple can be such a treasure, but I would definitely stay away from purple replica bags. 

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